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New Build Snagging Survey

We understand that when buying a new-build property, it can be an extremely stressful process and once you receive the keys inside the property, you could uncover costly issues that you were not aware of before.

Even if your property is a new build, this does not rule out the possibility of finding faults, which could be very costly to put right. We have seen a massive rise in low-quality workmanship and errors made in the industry, and some standards have dropped, after the 2008 recession that affected the housing market. We believe it’s never been more important to get a new build property inspected thoroughly, and here at National New Build Inspections, we can ensure that you receive a high quaily inspection.

We recommend having an inspection around 1 week before the completion, as this will ensure that one snagging list is being worked on and not multiple (which becomes confusing). We believe this is also a convenient time during the process, to get the snagging inspection done and we would personally recommend choosing around (or as near) to the 1 week before completion mark.

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Re-Inspection Services

If you have now fixed the issues from the initial snagging report, we can re-visit the property and provide a re-inspection service. This report is important to ensure that the initial issues have been repaired, to a standard of high quality.

We can provide a second follow up survey, to ensure that if any new issues get raised before the builder’s warranty runs out; this is a popular option for those customers who experienced major issues, from the initial report. We believe this is vital to ensure builders rectify any issues. Otherwise, these issues might not be repaired, by the builders.

We understand your time is precious and a re-inspection will take us less time, than the initial inspection as we will already have much of the information we need from the initial report. We will then provide you with a re-inspection report, shortly after our visit.

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