About Us

National New Build Inspections provide professional Home Snagging/Inspections, as we want to ensure that construction companies and homeowners get the peace-of-mind they are getting the most from their investment. We aim to introduce higher standards in our industry, to build trust among clients and the builders.

We understand many of you have suffered from low-quality or even dangerous workmanship. These issues can often become apparent after buying a property. We also understand that some Home Snagging reports can be quite imprecise and not carried out by an experienced professional. National New Build Inspections believe this is why we are different from other Home Snagging & Survey firms. We provide a thorough inspection and detailed report at a competitive price.

We can find many issues from health and safety issues, plumbing leaks, heating system check and inspection for joinery issues. We will document any snags we find, so you can easily view them in a document. We write our snag reports in a none-jargon way, so you can easily identify the issues. Many snagging companies write reports in a complicated way, but we will ensure you clearly understand and distinguish the snags with the property.

New Build Snagging & Survey Stockton-on-Tees